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Rules for article submission

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Here you will find our complete list of rules and regulations regarding suggesting an article to the abydos gate articles section. Please be sure to read and understand the complete list before suggesting an article for inclusion to prevent your suggestion from being rejected.
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terms for submitting an article

Rules that will result in instant deletion

  • Any attempt to spam our forms will result in immediate rejection.
  • Placing links in every available text box will result in immediate rejection.
  • Do NOT submit any form of adult article or pornographic links.
  • Do NOT Submit any form of spam or MFA website's.
  • Your article must NOT contain or point to illegal content,illegal activity and anything related.
  • All articles submitted are visited and check manually in person.
General Article Submission Rules -
  • Your article may not be accepted.
  • We reserve the right to remove or deny any article from our site.
  • ALL CAPS is not allowed for title or description.
  • Submit your article to the most appropriate category, otherwise your site may not be accepted.
  • Link farms,redirect,spam,doorways are not allowed.
  • Editors have right to modify or delete your listing anytime without notice.
  • Only you are responsible for the contents and your article sent through this form.
  • Placing links in the description text field will result in automatic rejection. Don't waste your time.
Article Submission Rules -
  • All articles and links are permanent.
  • All articles are viewed and read by an actual person.
  • All articles are sorted by votes.
  • Any article submissions attempting to spam this form will be rejected immediately